Mahara is the house of pure cacao

"The higher the quality of the cacao, the better its functions work. That is why we are dedicated to forever serve you the best of

the best, made by the best"

So cacao, how does it work?

Here are the 3 most important functions of Cacao within Mahara.



There are many arguments why cacao is healthy for us, such as the fact that cacao has the highest antioxidant concentration of all types of food. It has a 20 to 40 times higher concentration than blueberries, which are known for its antioxidants. 

Bodywise, theobromine increases the blood flow to our brain and protects the hearth and magnesium helps our body and brain to function well.

Moodwise, theobromine boosts energy and brings focus. Cacao has a positive effect on our neurotransmitters such as serotonine, reducing stress and depression. At the same time it stimulates happiness, motivation and creativity.

All these advantages of pure cacao make it a true plant medicine.


Cacao serves as a tool in Mahara to connect the tribe through our intentional-ceremonies. Besides that, our cozy living room is the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of cacao.


Long before chocolate was invented Cacao has been used and blessed by the Mayans in Central America. They saw it as the food of the gods as it was respected as a true gift from nature. We think you deserve this rich, nutrient medicine and that's why we share it.


The combination of these three has been experienced as extremely hearth opening. Cacao has so much more positive effects on our us physically and mentally, read more about it here.

Are you interested in buying, selling, organising/attending a ceremony or  anything that comes to mind, you know where to find us !

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