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from ὅλος holos, a Greek word meaning all, entire, total 

"For me the perfect haircut is already there, I just need to cut away what needs to be released. I cut with love and precision to me this is my Kung fu"

Michelle van Coeverden.  

Above Michelle van Coeverden, one of the few holistic hair artists.


What makes the haircut even more holistic is that Michelle tunes in on you with her full attention and intention to bring the best out in you. Beside that, we use only natural hair products from 'Oway', and always welcome you home with a warm cup of tea and Maharalicious chocolate.

Say yes to treat yourself!


Holistic Haircut

  • From 45 minutes to what is needed

  • Washing, cutting, dry-modeling

  • We use Oway organics products

  • €55,-

Ceremonial Holistic Haircut

  • From 1,5 hour to what is needed

  • The haircut ceremony starts in the yurt, with a one on one moment with Michelle, dedicated for setting an intention.

  • Washing, cutting, dry-modeling

  • We use Oway organics products

  • €88,-

Organic Colouring

  • Colouring

  • We use Oway organics products

  • from €40,- depends on what you want

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"It does not matter whether Michelle would sell you apples, give you a manicure or cut your hair,

she tunes in on you"


'What do I feel right now ?

That Michelle not only saw my hair, but she saw me"



2019 / RTL Boulevard / Holistic Haircuts

2019 / RTL 5 hour show / Holistic Haircuts

2019 / Het Parool / Holistic Haircuts

2019 / Het AD / Holistic Haircuts

2018 / ANKO Magazine / Holistic Haircuts

2017 / The Holistic Magazine / Holistic Haircuts

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